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Our Services

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Our Services

The setting of your memories: Unique and immersive as has to be.

Our history meets yours, inside a setting made out of memories. Pyrgos Petreza, a unique edifice, combines nature and architecture, past and future, romanticism with comfort. A flexible space, dedicated exclusively to one event at a time. A creative team of professionals and an ensemble of infrastructures can support different kinds of events –either organizing a wedding or supporting a company event.

Weddings & Important personal moments

For all those days that will be remembered for a lifetime, Pyrgos Petreza is the ideal place. The interior and exterior places are ideal for your receptions, but also for photo shootings before and after the wedding. At the same time they form an impressive background for a civil wedding, vows renewal or any kind of personal celebration. Our chef with his team will take on the design of the menu, based on your wishes and our professional team can organize your wedding in every detail –as long as you ask us!

Couple walking towards the church
Making the wedding cake
Couple embracing dancing
Girls having fun before the wedding
Couple dancing
Escort of the bride to the groom

Christenings & Events for children

Our spaces and experience allow us to shape a different experience for kids, funny but also safe. Here too the menu is designed from the start in order to please our little guests and our team organises the event in such a way that will immediately become their favorite memory.

Table decoration
Children party decoration
Children party
Baptism ceremony preparation
Table decoration
Children party decoration
Children party decoration

Corporate events

We know well how demanding any corporate event can be and the importance of every single detail in the overall experience. This is how we provide you with a complete, flexible solution, that includes the presentation equipment, the translators, secretarial support, flip charts and monitors. All the above, plus a tranquil setting that facilitates focusing and underlines the high standards of your company.

Courtyard area with large bright screens
Presentation room
Ballroom in Pyrgos Petrezas
The main room with tables for product presentation

Team Building Events

People together can even move mountains, as the saying goes, and we, as a team project par excellence, we strongly support it. That is why we have designed a series of team building events, concerning wine and the winery, which will offer your team an interesting experience, in a calm and relaxing environment.

Team Building Events

Magical Environment

Our exterior spaces and gardens, designed in full harmony with the natural environment, compose a detailed mosaic of colors and odors, plants, flowers and herbs.