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The Spaces
of Pyrgos

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The Spaces of Pyrgos

Magical Environment

Pyrgos Petreza was designed from the start with respect to the local architecture and natural beauty.

Day and Night

Our six one-piece (plus two auxiliary) rooms, without supports, 800m² in total and designed according to the high aesthetics that characterizes Pyrgos Petreza, are ideal for any king of event – wedding, christening, corporate meeting, art presentation etc. Our magnificent balcony (400m²) and our impressive garden of 1.800m² shape a magical environment, day and night.

Pyrgos with lights
Towers entrance with lights
Pyrgos Petreza

A Great experience

In our interior space, 400 people can dine with comfort, in our balcony 250 approximately and in the garden up to 1100. For the service and facilitation of the guests, parking spaces, elevator and toilets for people for special needs and a total of facilities that ensure a great spaces. The spaces are air conditioned and natural light, which creates a lively and pleasant feeling. There is also free Wi-Fi and sound system in all the rooms, a power generator and an attic with a safe box.

The main hall of Pyrgos
Table decoration
Wedding decoration
The spaces of Pyrgos Petreza
White wine - Pyrgos Petreza

In harmony with the environment

Our exterior spaces and gardens, designed in full harmony with the natural environment, compose a detailed mosaic of colors and odors, plants, flowers and herbs, all characteristic of Mediterranean fauna. This multisensory choice offers a special experience, with the subtlety and balance that only nature can accomplish.

Exterior view of Pyrgos
The garden of Pyrgos
The Balcony of Pyrgos

Beloved Memories

The kitchen, auxiliary spaces and all work spaces have been designed with respect to the people who work for your events, so they can give their best for you uninterrupted. In total, Pyrgos Petreza, as a building, as people and as philosophy is the ideal place to host your unique moments, which will become favourite memories.

Beloved Memories


Ideal space

Pyrgos Petreza was built from the start with a purpose of hosting. Today, assumes the responsibility to organize family and social events, formal dinners, business dinners, cocktail parties, corporate events, conferences, seminars, daily seminars, tasting meetings, art events etc.

Drone view of Pyrgos Petreza
Ideal space for events
The dining room at Pyrgos Petreza
The church of Pyrgos Petreza

Experience the ethereal beauty of the chapel of Pyrgos Petreza

This sanctuary offers the perfect backdrop for your sacred celebrations, whether an orthodox wedding ceremony or a cherished orthodox christening. The detailed design of the chapel resonates with stories of love, faith, and new beginnings. Enveloped in an atmosphere of serenity and elegance, Pyrgos Petreza’s chapel promises nothing but the best for your special moments.

Church view from a drone
Baptism ceremony preparation